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Car Got Towed In Miami But It Is Not In My Name! / Can Someone Else Pick Up My Towed Car?

You just got towed but the car doesn’t belong to you. Can you go and pick it up?

The answer is yes, you can pick it up.

But you will need to notarize a form first.

In order to assist you, please send me the following to my e-mail or via text or WhatsApp to my cell. (954) 549-4362.

1. Picture ID of registered owner, their phone number and e-mail address.

2. VIN, Tag, Make, Model, and Color of Vehicle.

3. Legal name and ID Number for the person picking up the vehicle. Their e-mail address and phone number.

And then we can proceed with a remote online notarization, which is a process that will allow us to get the forms signed and notarized legally and via an approved notarization platform vendor for the Department of State.

For the payment I accept Credit Cards, Zelle, Venmo or CashApp. The cost of this process is $50.00

I will work on the following documents for you:

1. A NOTARIZED towing release form SIGNED by the registered owner of the vehicle /// Now, let’s be a bit CAREFUL here! I already have the form for Roadway Towing with the liability waiver that they require. However, almost every other towing lot has its own forms or instructions. Ask them for specifics. A letter giving permission to someone is not enough and even if you get it notarized, if it doesn’t have the exact language they are looking for, might get rejected and that means more money and more days that the car will have to stay at the lot while you try to get this done right. In MIAMI they require a liability release/waiver with very specific language. As a notary, I deal with towing releases on a weekly basis and most towing lots that require this process can check if my commission is in good standing with the Department of State, so you know I will get the job done right for you!

2. A Notarized Certified Copy of the Drivers License or Photo ID of the registered owner of the vehicle. We will need the exact notarial paragraph required for a certified copy and to specify that the photocopied document is neither a public record nor a publicly recordable document, certified copies of which are available from an official source other than a notary public. I will do this for you on my notarization platform.

Andrea Gomez, Notary Public – County of Miami Dade

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